Changes in the organization require an independent and objective view. A view that looks beyond the surface and investigates what is going on on a deeper level.  A view that keeps the goal in mind and looks at what employees need to be empowered.
  • Developing a new strategy?
  • Transition to a new organisation?
  • Leading change?
  • Right person, in the right place?

Every organization has its own dynamics and requires a tailor made approach. Sjenet is the advisor and sparring partner or the initiator and driver of change. Listening carefully and watching, enable Sjenet to quickly know how things are going. Because of her pragmatic approach, her advice is thorough, concrete and practical.

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‘Sharp analyses, people-oriented approach that lead to real results.
In a year’s time, our HR team is rock solid and a good foundation has been laid in our merged organization’

Anke Bosma, Board MEE-Vivenz
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