Sometimes there is a temporary need for extra capacity or replacement. Sjenet of Buro Van der Plas can fill this role temporarily as HR Manager or HR project leader. Her approach is to look at what is needed and connect with people and to set out appropriate actions.
Because of her open attitude, Sjenet quickly wins the trust of employees. She looks at what teams need to be able to do their work with enthusiasm and to achieve the right results.

Shenet can easily switch at all levels. Whether it’s putting a topic on the agenda for a management meeting, leading a strategic meeting with the director, a team meeting or having an individual conversation with an employee. It’s about people and results.

Absence and Vitality

Buro Van der Plas has a lot of experience in leading projects about absence and vitality.
In a number of care sectors, including Disability Care, Elderly Care and Welfare, we have worked with managers on a new approach to absenteeism. The focus of this approach is on Being Near, On-site Appointments and Employee Responsibility

Some topics are:

    • Reporting_Clear overviews that make it clear at a glance how things are going in a department
    • Personal contact on location_All appointments with the absent employee take place on location. When it is impossible, video calling will be used
    • Three-way-conversation_Manager, absenteeism specialist and employee have mutual meetings in which clear agreements are made
    • Responsibility of the employee_The employee is responsible for the process of recovery and reintegration
    • Transparant communication_Short lines of communication between employee, manager, absenteeism specialist, company doctor and HR

By working together intensively, it is possible to reduce the absenteeism rate, which reduces the pressure in teams and thus the risk of absenteeism. In addition, there is the cost aspect, because less absenteeism means that you have more opportunities to invest in a pleasant working climate.

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Avoiding Absenteeism is becoming more and more important.
By talking to teams and investigating their needs, it becomes clear what matters to employees and what is a pleasant working climate for them.

At Buro Van der Plas we believe in the power of starting small, celebrating successes and expanding. No large and expensive programs, but customization that gives the employees a say. In doing so, it is good to look at the wishes of different target groups. An older employee often has different needs than a younger employee.

Together we look at the situation in your organisation and how you can become an attractive employer for employees to work.
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